Published: 31 July 2017 
Last revised: 28 October 2017

Imagine sitting on an elevated platform the size of a small chair to catch sight of the wild game. It’s not the ideal situation for big game hunting, but if you can follow these vital tree stand tips, you’ll improve your comfort level, security, and stealth on all your hunting expeditions.

  1. Choose the right tree stand

If you manage to remain invisible to your prey, you’ll meet with success on a hunting trip. With so many different brands offering tree stands on the market, how do you choose one that offers you maximum comfort, keeps you safe at a height of around 20 feet above the ground level, and offers you the perfect balanced position to take the crucial killing shot at deer or other wild game? Keep in touch with the latest offerings by top brands. Opt for an integrated ladder tree stand that is usually permanent and remains in place at a fixed position.

If you’re trying out fresh hunting grounds, climbing tree stands are ideal. They must be lightweight and provide a seat that can be firmly attached to a tree. Innovative manufacturers have come up with tree stand tips that help you get into the ideal shooting position, even on an inclined trunk. Use climbing aids like climbing sticks, lightweight ladder sections, and screw-in steps to ensure stability and safety. For short-term hunting positions, hang-on stands are ideal, as they allow you to get into ideal shooting positions quickly. For help choosing the tree stand that is right for you, head over to our comprehensive tree stand review page at Tree Stand Reviews.

  1. Ensure your safety

For the lone hunter, safety comes first, especially in situations where there is an increased danger of falling from an elevated platform. Safety harnesses are designed to protect the hunter on any tree. One of the best ways to ensure safety is to wear a full body safety harness over your hunting apparel. This consists of a tether back strap that keeps you firmly attached to the tree.

Carry useful accessories like a linesman’s harness to allow free movement, both on the tree stand and in suspended positions. Make sure you have a lifeline fixed just above your tree stand to support the harness tether. This way, you can move up and down the tree supported by the lifeline. Update yourself with the latest platform seats. Use one that offers you comfort for at least a few hours without having to shift positions.

  1. Make provision for quick entry and exit

It is vital that you are able to position yourself on the platform in the quickest possible time, especially when you have to change positions to take a killing shot. Follow tree stand tips to access a platform that is available at all times. Assemble your tree stand in a way that allows you to step onto it from the last step. It may not seem like a vital aspect during the day, as you can easily see the platform; however, this scenario will change in the dark. You’ll need an easily accessible platform.

Also, a climb-on tree stand is lightweight and portable. It can be quickly dismantled and carried on your back to the next location. Follow up on the manufacturer’s guidelines to save time.

  1. Carry your survival kit with you

Your survival kit must include water, rations for a few days, and a flashlight or headlamp. Use a miner’s cap with a flashlight, if you want your hands free at all times. A flashlight is especially useful when you’re hanging from a tree. Choose a tree stand with enough pockets to hold all these survival essentials. You just cannot avoid losing a flashlight or your rations on a hunting trip.

  1. Keep your tree stand and accessories firmly attached

Climbing up a tree will drain you of energy to some extent. You don’t need a bag to hold all your hunting essentials. While you assemble your tree stand, ensure all other accessories, including your bow, are attached to a rope or cord that you can up the tree carry with you. It should be long enough to reach up to your desired elevated position.

  1. Clean your boots before climbing up the tree

Muddy boots will get you into trouble. Not only will you find it difficult to climb, but you may slip and badly hurt yourself before you can attach your platform. Develop the habit of removing dirt and snow off your boots every time you need to fix your tree stand. Choose a pair of hunting boots that are designed to help you climb trees. You’ll be positioning yourself on a small platform and may need to step out of it at regular intervals. Boots holding on to snow or dirt can be treacherous.

  1. Use a quiver

You need maximum flexibility and balance while aiming at your target from an elevated position. Learn tree stand tips that allow you to take that vital shot quickly. Where do you hang your quiver full of arrows? It must be within hand’s reach at all times. Imagine a situation where you miss your first shot. You will probably need to load your second arrow in seconds before your game disappears into the wilderness. Check out the manufacturer’s site to find a customized quiver stand. It may vary depending on whether you’re left-handed or right-handed.

  1. Keep your hunting gear close to the platform

Your tree stand will allow you limited space to find the ideal shooting position. You need your gear on your shooting side. Choose a specialized hanger designed to hold all your hunting essentials suspended from a branch close to your platform. This way, you are free to maneuver around and choose the ideal shooting position, while still being able to access your bow and arrow quickly and without making a sound.

  1. Adopt scent control techniques

If your prey can catch your scent from a distance, it will disappear into the wild before you know it. You need to hunt smart and make yourself invisible. Use scent control techniques to put your prey off guard. Eliminate signs of your presence close to your tree stand. For instance, you can use scent-eliminating sprays and scent-absorbing clothing to remove smells that your deer may identify with danger.

  1. What to carry

Do you really need to carry your entire hunting equipment on your trips? You may need one kit for the summer and a specialized kit for the winter. Depending on how long you plan to stay isolated from society, pack enough rations and a water supply to last you for a week or so. Carry additional click-on straps, binoculars, raincoat, a pair of gloves, Swiss knife, toilet paper, emergency medical kit, marking tape, and a flashlight on all your hunting trips. On a winter trip, you may need boots designed to help you climb a tree. Your clothes will be warmer, so you need accessories that help you overcome restricted movements.

Follow these 10 vital tree stand tips, and you will improve your hunting skills.

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