Published: 4 May 2017 
Last revised: 28 October 2017

Hunting is one of the world’s most pursued activities due to the challenge it provides. These days there is plenty of gear that hunters use in order to enhance their capacities. One of the most coveted gear is the tree stand. But what is a tree stand, really?

A Handy Primer on Hunting Tree Stands

A tree stand is a platform that is hemmed in and utilized by hunters to shoot game. They come in different types but the most used are ladder stands, climbing stands, and tripod stands. Here is some essential information about the different kinds.

1.  Climbing stand

Climbing stands are popular amongst hunters since they are a cinch to move from one area to another. They are light and provide hunters the opportunity to move with oft-moving game or animals. They are usually made from lightweight aluminum material and include a TMA-approved (Tree Stand Manufacturers Association) harness and backpacking strap.

2.  Ladder stand

A ladder stand is a semi-permanent assembly. If you frequent a certain spot due to the great results it brings you, you can opt for a ladder stand. Choose a spot where you have yielded excellent hunting results and set up a ladder stand. You can return to said spot without carrying a stand and building it all over again. A fixed stand can be assembled in the area to permit covert entry and exit from the land. The stand also includes a TMA-approved harness.

3.  Chain stand

A chain stand is a bit heftier compared to a climbing stand but they have some similarities. They are used for fixed spots, are often lightweight and provide hunters extra space and comfort. However, hunters have to carry a ladder in order to climb and get into the stand as soon as it is assembled. It also includes a TMA-approved safety harness.

4.  Tripod stand

A tripod stand is often used for hunting in open locations, the borders of a thicket, beneath power lines or in a clearing. This kind of stand is also available in plenty of varieties.

If you do not want to hunt using a permanent or fixed tree stand, you can opt for the portable kind. Once you get to the woods, you will possibly be required to move the stand several times prior to finding a good spot. Smaller stands like climbing tree stands, climbing sticks, and hang-on stands are lightweight and a breeze to move from one place to another.

Accessories for Tree Stands

Even though hunting using a tree stand lets you sit overhead and keep watch over your terrain, the climb from the ground up and into the stand is often risky and is considered the most hazardous part of tree stand hunting. Because of this, many tree stand accessories were made. What is a tree stand without its accessories? Of course, with the use of accessories, hunting using a tree stand will be a lot safer and secure.

Tree stand accessories are safety items intended to guarantee the hunting pursuit will be free from accidents and injuries. There are accessories for the gear that concentrate on improving the opportunity of acquiring game in the hunter’s sights.

Except for cases when you utilize ladder stands, a climbing stick is an advantageous tool for hunters to have on hand. It makes climbing up and down trees easier for hunters since it offers tiny steps on the tree trunk. Apart from climbing sticks, it is also recommended that hunters take along with them a safety harness, rope, line or safety hoist.

Furthermore, while climbing to and from a tree stand, hunters must never carry their rifle or weapon with them. By using a hoist and line, they can concentrate on climbing up to the stand after they have safely positioned themselves on the stand, they can finally get their weapon using those accessories.

As soon as the hunter is on top of the tree stand, they have to focus on keeping still yet at the same time, be aware of their prey and the surroundings.

To keep hunters’ aim steady, they can opt to use accessories like gun or bow holders, cam holders or shooting rails. Extra camouflage, roofs, and skirts can also be used by hunters to maintain stealth. To prevent noise, many hunters also make use of cough silencers and bring with them a tiny carpet roll to muffle feet shuffling.

All in all, what is a tree stand to a hunter? It is a valuable hunting gear that will help him improve his hunting capabilities, particularly stealth.

In order to have a successful hunting experience, hunters have to rely not only on their skills and instincts, they also need to take advantage of the availability of excellent hunting gear that will enhance their abilities. Tree stands can be bought in hunting gear shops and you can also order them online. Take advantage of this fine piece of hunting equipment for better results.

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