A ladder stand so big that it can comfortably accommodate two people all day? Living up to its name, I give to you the Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series. This ladder stand provides excellent support for those hunters who wish to keep their hunting stand in one place. This is not a stand that you want to move around often. Since it is a heavy design, this model is not recommended for hunters who need to walk long distances to set up a tree stand in the middle of the forest. The ladder stand is equipped with two separate safety harnesses, a footrest, shooting bars, and a sturdy steel ladder for you to climb up and down with ease.

As the name implies, this is also a great way to turn bad seats into excellent ones at a sports event, whether for tailgating or watching the game itself. The only bad side to doing this, of course, would be carrying the ladder stand there and back.

Limitations of the Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series

As I already mentioned above, this model is not suited to those hunters who will be walking long distances. If you intend on hiking deep into the woods, or scaling rugged mountains, then I suggest checking out a different model. There are many lighter designers that will be much more cost-effective and suited to your needs. An example of this type of tree stand reviewed on this site is the Summit Viper SD. If practicality is your more your style of hunting then definitely steer clear of the Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series. Alternatively you could always take a few people out on your hunting trip with you. It would be much easier to manage the 92lb ladder stand if you have a small army.

In saying that, this ladder stand is very effective when used as intended. If you have a hunting property and you want a large, top quality ladder stand as a permanent or long-term fixture, then look no further. The Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series may be exactly what you need to best suit your needs.

What are the specs of the Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium

Having a ladder stand that can support weights up to 500 lbs and two people comes at a cost. If you are okay with having a design that is heavier than most other models, you might decide that this is the best ladder stand for your personal needs.

  • Patented model (Serial #29/268.658)
  • Foot platform dimensions (W x L): 13” x 53”
  • Curved seating dimensions (W x L): 37” x 16”
  • Seating height: 18’
  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Shipping weight: 92 lbs.
  • Soft padded seating cushion with backrest
  • Soft padded arm rests
  • Padded shooting rail
  • Held in place by 4 ratchet straps
  • Ladder separated by pinned sections
  • Adjustable ladder support bar
  • 2 fall-safety harnesses Included
  • Meets TMA Safety Standards


  • Safety—10/10
  • Durability—8.5/10
  • Material Quality—9/10
  • Overall Rating—9/10

What do customers say about the Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series

Most customers who have purchased this ladder stand are satisfied with the quality of the product. The safety features, sturdy build, and space for two people tend to stick out as popular features. However, some have remarked that the shooting rail is a bit too low, that the parts can easily rust and decay, and that the cushions of the model could be a tad bit softer. I imagine that the rust occurs due to people leaving the stand out in the open for a long period of time. All metal rusts eventually. You may benefit from purchasing an anti rust coating or cover your stand in a tarp between seasons.

If you are careful with how you treat your ladder stand and make sure to eliminate any moisture from sitting on it for long periods of time you can get rid of the potential decay problem. Also, if you are creative and able to experiment with the parts there are many different ways to counter the potential problem that the shooting rail is too low. Short shooters will not have this problem.

Safety Features of the Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series

If safety is your top priority, this ladder stand should be one of your top picks, as long as you and your shooting partner weigh under 500 lbs. With a platform elevating 20’ up in the air, this ladder stand also comes equipped with several ropes and harnesses to make sure that it securely stays in one place, either permanently or for long periods of time.

The stand can comfortably seat two people as long as they weigh under 500 lbs. together. If worse comes to worst, the stand is equipped with two 300-lb. capacity fall safety harnesses in case the stand ever broke. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem as the stand’s steel construction is sturdy enough to comfortably seat most people for long periods of time. If needed, you can always reference the included TMA safety video for further information on staying safe while you are using this ladder stand.


  • Supports two people that weigh up to 500 lbs.
  • Sturdy and stays stable while in use thanks to the steel design.
  • The affordable price makes it competitive to similar models.


  • Heavy and hard to carry around.
  • Ladder stays in place, which can be easily noticed by perceptive animals.

Should I buy the Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series?

The Big Dog BDL-1050 17.5′ Stadium Series is certainly a fan favorite. It is considered by many to be one of the best ladder stands available on the market. That is of course unless you wanted to spend 1000’s of dollars on some fancy gold plated stand. The fact that two people can sit in the Big Dog at any time makes it a very desirable purchase. The hunt becomes a social event and is perfect if you are teaching your son how to hunt. If you are okay with carrying around nearly 100 pounds in weight, this model will be an excellent addition to your hunting supplies. People wanting to upgrade their seats at a stadium event will love the ability that this stand provides to quickly elevate yourself 18’ in the air.

All-in-all this is easily one of the best ladder stands on the market, and you would be hard-pressed to find a comparable design with similar features for the money you are paying. I had a great time reviewing this product and  highly recommend it.

For a similar product check out my review on the Guide gear 16′ Deluxe Ladder Tree Stand. This is available over at my tree stand reviews page here.


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