Published: 4 May 2017 
Last revised: 28 October 2017

Tree stands are popular gear for hunters. They are also known as deer stands since they were primarily designed to help hunters hunt deer. The platform lets hunters spot deer from a raised height and from that position, allows hunters to have accurate shots. Hunters also use tree stands to hunt for other kinds of game apart from deer.

Building a Tree Stand for Hunting

Here are some of the basics you need to know on how to build a tree stand. This one, in particular, is for ladder stands, which is one of the easiest to do.

1.  Building the ladder

To make the ladder, you must arrange two wooden beams measuring 20 feet long down side by side. The beams must have a thickness of two inches and a width of four inches. The beam’s two-inch side must be arranged in a manner that they are facing upwards.

To build the rungs, you must cut around 14 two feet. segments of wood. Position each rung between the two 20 feet beams so that the rungs are around 18 inches apart in a vertical manner. Attach the rungs to the beams by using screws and a screwdriver.

2.  Making the seat

The next thing you have to do is make the platform or seat of the stand. You must first look for a big tree with two strong branches that are parallel to each other. Using a hammer, nail two 2.5 feet segments from 2 x 4-inch wood beams to the top of the branches at a perpendicular angle.

The size might differ based on the hunter’s size though;however, hunters must try nailing two 2 x 4-inch beams set at a diagonal point from beneath the platform to the tree trunk at a lower angle in order to back up the seat.

3.  Connecting the ladder to the platform or seat

Lastly, two 2.5 feet segments from 2 x 4-inch wooden beams must be nailed on top of the ladder perpendicular to the rungs. These segments should be nailed beneath the plywood seat so the ladder’s stop is level with the seat.

Kinds of Tree Stands

It is suggested that you know all about the different kinds of the product before tackling how to build a tree stand. Here are some of the most common kinds of stands with their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Hang-on or lock-on

The hang-on tree stand is a platform that latches on a tree by means of brackets. It does not have a built-in ladder mechanism and is a temporary stand. It is lightweight and can be carried easily. However, it is also restricted in several hunting locations.

  • Climbing

The climbing stand is a two-piece chair and platform type that edges its way onto the tree by means of leg movement coming from the hunter. It makes for quick mobility and hunters do not have to make use of steps or ladders. However, it cannot be employed on trees with bigger, lower-level limbs.

  • Ladder

The ladder-type tree stand is one of the most popular choices among hunters due to its design and functions. It is a platform that comes with a ladder for hunters to use and climb their way to the stand. It provides easy access, is comfortable, and stable. However, this is a fixed stand hence it cannot be transported.

  • Tripod or tower

The tripod stand is a separate tripod that features a platform which spins 360 degrees. It allows hunters to do business in locations like prairies and areas thick with sagebrush. It also allows a boundless viewing field for hunters. This is a fixed stand though so it cannot be transported. It takes a while forgame to get used to this setup and it does not have any enclosure to safeguard hunters from the elements.

  • Box

The box stand is a separate platform that features an enclosure similar to a shed located on top of the steps or ladder to protect hunters from the elements. It also allows hunters to seegame from a longer distance. This is a fixed stand so it cannot be carried or transported.

Many hunters favor the ladder stand while some make use of the hang-on tree stand due to its portability. Tripods are not really standard tree stands but hunters make use of them in open areas and locations with no trees. Unlike regular tree stands though, tripods are employed to hunt game that lives in areas with dry climates.

Tree stands can be found in hunting supply stores and you can also order them online. As long as the hunter practices safety precautions and has all the proper equipment and knowledge about the pursuit, has garnered information on how to build a tree standsplus information about the game he is after, their chances of acquiring great results are plenty.

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