Published: 11 November 2017


The comfort and you.

Comfort is an essential aspect of hunting, especially if you plan on spending hours and even days in the wilderness trying to catch the elusive deer. This is where the most comfortable tree stand comes to your aid, keeping you dry and safe, away from the dirt, snakes and other crawling creatures. Affording it is no longer a problem, as these stands are now smaller in size and are priced competitively enough for you to find your perfectly customized tree stand. However, comfort will come to you at a price unless you learn about essential factors that lead to comfort. You don’t have to bear additional costs or carry additional hunting gear with you. Top recommendation for the most comfortable is the Millennium Treestands G100 Blind Chair.

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Where should I set up my tree stand?

Your prey is likely to follow a trodden path to a watering hole or rivulet. It is best to get yourself familiar with the environment and especially the tree where you would set up your comfortable tree stand. For example, the tree trunk should be at least 6” in diameter. You must be able to get a firm grip all the way to the top. Check whether you need a tripod stand at lucrative hunting locations. If you are using a climbing tree stand, tree branches must not obstruct your climb. If you try to maneuver around thick branches, you’re in for a time-consuming and cumbersome task.

What equipment should I use with my tree stand?

The idea is to carry enough equipment and hunting accessories for maximum comfort. You may choose a comfortable tree stand, but if you are keen on having additional storage space at the top of a tree, you need more straps or suspension assemblies to hold your gear. You’ll find yourself in a less than an ideal situation if your checklist does not include essentials like rangefinders, belts, rattling antlers, binoculars, and trays. Ensure you have the storage space for all these items. Also, they must be securely attached to your tree stand without coming in the way of you getting a clear shot.

Comfortable tree stands for two people.

Hunting in pairs is quite common among hunters, especially on long hunting expeditions that take several days. It is essential you choose the most comfortable tree stand with a capacity to provide comfort for both hunters. Though the practice is needed to work in tandem on a two-person platform, it is just a matter of time before you know how to erect the platform, and quickly and easily adopt comfortable shooting positions.

Things to remember when choosing a comfortable tree stand.

If you have to twist and turn to take the ideal shot, you are obviously not comfortable in that position. The ideal climbing tree stand will provide you stealth and shelter without compromising your ability to turn in the direction of your prey. All this must happen quickly for you to get a clear shot and also to avoid danger from animals that can climb trees.


The most comfortable tree stand is also the lightest. This compact platform and seat must fold into a 4” to 5” package that is easy to carry. For instance, the ideal tree stand fits into a compact bag that is lighter than your hunting gear. There should be no screws and bolts to tighten. The stand simply expands into a full-size seating arrangement and then folds into a compact package without difficulty. Use the interlocking system to snap the platform and seat together. When you’re finished, unlock it into a single-carry package; this makes less noise.

Built-in safety features

The comfortable tree stand should have excellent built-in safety features. A safety harness will allow you to stay attached to the tree at all times. Stabilizing straps ensure you have a comfortable position with your face pointed towards or away from the tree. Choose a tree stand that allows you to rest your hunting gear and weapon of choice close to your shooting platform. A meshed seat forms a cup around your body for added stability. Modern tree stands come with footrests to help retain your balance.


Camouflage is important to distract your prey. You may use an army outfit to camouflage yourself in the wilderness, but it is also important for you to choose the right color for your hunting gear. The most comfortable tree stand will be available in different shades and colors to match the hunting environment. Choose a color that blends naturally with the cluster of trees in your hunting zone.


Though the size of your tree stand will depend on several factors including the total weight of your hunting gear, it is always best to choose the largest available size for added comfort. Choose the latest style with mesh seats. Your tree stand will come with additional padding and may have slots for resting your gun or bow. Establish the right balance between the weight of your hunting gear and comfort level you require at the top.


Stability and strength are also important factors to consider. You have a choice to make in the overall weight of the tree stand; however, it should not affect strength or stability, especially if you plan on going on long hunting trips. T screws, safety harness with additional straps, steel attachment tubes, and a good footrest that is welded to the platform are essential elements of your tree stand.

Ease of use

The comfortable tree stand is also the easiest to use. It can be set up in minutes, even in tough hang-on tree positions. Avoid leaving your scent behind during the climbing process. Do not disturb areas around the tree you have chosen for your tree stand. You do not want a wild game to catch your scent.

Hunting demands patience

You may have to spend an entire day or even a couple of days before you come in contact with your prey. It is therefore important to use the most comfortable tree stand to avoid fatigue. You may have to spend hours in a single position. Every little bit of comfort will add to your focus. When the time comes, ready yourself to take that killing shot without hesitation.

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