The Guide Gear 16 Deluxe Ladder Tree Stand (previously known as the Guide Gear Jumbo Tree Stand) is designed for hunters of all sizes and body frames. This is a product that is large, has a wide foot platform and users can sit comfortably. The foot rest can be easily flipped up and there is enough room to stretch out. Staying all day up in a tree is not a problem because the user will not feel sore or cramped.

The entire ladder is made of steel and the seating is rugged with thick padding. Foot platform is 24 inches x 25 inches. The product’s armrests are also padded.

There are 3 pinned ladder sections that easily fold up for easy storage and transport. The seat pad silencers are designed to make the seat quiet while the user changes positions.

Guide Gear Jumbo Ladder Tree Stand


This is a seat that is made for durability and comfort. The seat itself is made of steel and the seat is wide that even a heavy user will be able to use it and sit comfortably for the entire day without feeling discomfort or pain. The seat itself is very comfortable and had padded armrest and a foldable footrest.

There is ample space under the seat to put food, water or hunting gear. The seat can also be raised up if the user needs for platform space. The seat is roomy and there is enough space to move around and with no noise

The ladder is 18 feet tall and gives just the appropriate height for a proper range for sighting deer and hunting them with the use of an arrow or a gun. The product can carry a user as large as 300 pounds and has stabilizer straps, ratchet straps, and a safety harness. The entire unit is easy to collapse and assemble because it comes in three ladder sections.

This is a product that is specifically for hunters and for them to have a comfortable time while waiting for the game. The structure is sturdy and will not break or bend. The ladder is well made and will not bend while the user is climbing. It stands firmly on the ground and will give the user adequate support. The stand remains quiet as well as the seat.

The product is a complete set and the user does not need to buy additional equipment or accessories. This is a tree stand that is safe to use and comes with all the tools to make the user safe while using it. The product is capable of making the user a better hunter because the ladder is comfortable to use and is appropriate for hunting with a rifle or an arrow.

This is a ladder that gives instant access to the users to the top of the tree. There will be no need to adjust the straps while climbing, which poses a bigger risk to the user.


This is a product that is very heavy and it will take two people to set up and put it upright. This is a stand that will be very challenging to set-up because the product is heavy and many of the bolts and screws are incompatible and unlabelled. Some of the parts were shipping. The manual is unhelpful with unclear instructions. The seat is noisy and makes noises when the user moves.


  • Made of durable steel
  • Ladder is 18 feet tall
  • Has 3 pinned ladder sections
  • Easy to collapse and fold
  • Seat has cushions and foot rest is padded
  • Has silencer embedded in the seat
  • Has a wide seat and foot rest
  • Has a 300-pound weight capacity
  • Has padded armrests
  • Comes with stabilizer straps, ratchet straps, and safety harness

The final verdict

This is a good product that is durable and hard to break. The space of the seat is big and there will be space below the seat that can be used for water, food or other hunting gear. The seat and armrests are padded and there is space on the platform that will be enough for movement or shuffling around.

The ladder is tall and will give appropriate height for the hunter to aim and hit the target. The Guide Gear 16′ Deluxe Ladder Tree Stand’s is good for hunters using rifles or arrows.

However, this is a product that is too heavy for one person to assemble alone. The product is hard to assemble and several screws are missing. The manual is hard to understand and the instructions are virtually incomprehensible.

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