If you've googled Tree Stands then you'll know there are SO many options and the Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang-on Tree Stand is only one of them!  It's overwhelming sifting through the vast variety of types and selections from different models. That's why we've created Hunting Quest, to help you find the right Tree Stand for you based on unbiased feedback.

One popular pick for a type of tree stand is the "hang-on stand". This stand offers a platform which is pretty similar to that of a ladder stand; however as the name suggests it does not include a ladder. The hunter must make use of climbing sticks or steps in order to get the elevation he is after before connecting the stand to a tree at a preferred height by means of cables or chains.

One of our top picks for a hang on tree stand is the Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang-on Tree Stand. Check out our review and see whether this model is for you.


We are pretty excited about this review because the advantages are endless and cover everything you could ever need in a Tree stand! Firstly, the Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang-On Tree Stand is very light for a Tree stand weighing only 14 pounds. This makes for easy travel from one hunting spot to another. Honestly this is one of the lightest among hang-on tree stands on the market. If you think you are not getting any luck in one location, you can easily tote this stand from the tree and look for a more feasible spot.

As for assembly, this one is pretty simple to set up due to its basic design and construction so users can mount the item fast then proceed with the wait for a passing game. The stand is super portable and makes for easy storage too. 

It has sufficient room to keep you relaxed and seated restfully on the sizable aluminium platform. You can settle in a position comfortably and easily move about to take on a variety of shooting positions. The seat and the platform includes a self-leveling feature which is super convenient; you can arrange the stand to a height they prefer off of the ground with minimal effort. The stand’s seat can also be adjusted to 21 inches so users can get excellent visibility of the environment. The seat pad itself is composed of a huge contoured foam to allow for a comfortable sitting position without cramping the user. 

The stand is designed to be quiet (as much as is possible anyway), so it will be a hunter’s perfect partner for stealthy activities in the wild. You can wait in your spot and move about without producing noise and just look for that prize game in complete comfort.

It has a unique 3D camouflage pattern platform design which allows the stand to completely blend in with the rest of the woodland environment. This will keep hunters unnoticed and practically concealed among the trees.

The stand also comes with a convenient bow holder for hunter’s bows. It can accommodate nearly all parallel limb bows.

The stand can fit trees with a selection of diameters from 4 to 22 inches. While the product has a basic design, it provides an excellent weight rating of 350 pounds, which can accommodate bigger hunters.

Lastly, it includes backpack straps for transporting the unit and an FAS-approved harness for extra safety. The FAS harness it includes is six-pointed and has undergone tests to guarantee that it surpasses industry guidelines. This means that the stand offers plenty of support for the weight rating it comes with.


The Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang on Tree stand really only has one set back which is it is a Hang on style without a ladder. This does require more effort on your part but if you like this style then it's a great buy!

Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang On Tree Stand

Safety Features

  • Has excellent self-leveling seat and platform
  • Can accommodate E-Z Hang Hook accessories (sold separately)
  • Has sizable 30 x 19 1/2-inch one-piece cast aluminum platform
  • Has unique3D camouflage platform design
  • Bow holder takes in majority of parallel limb bows
  • Includes sizable contoured foam seat pad for extra comfort
  • Can fit trees that are 4-inch to 22-inch in diameter
  • Has seat measuring 14 x 22-inch with height of 21-inch
  • Has 350-pound weight rating
  • Includes backpack straps
  • Has TMA-approved 6-pt. Fall Arrest System
  • Weighs only 14 pounds

The verdict

The Lone Wolf Alpha II Hang-on Tree Stand is definitely something you have to check out if you are after this type of stand. It can accommodate bigger hunters, provides enough comfort and room for users, comes with the required FAS-approved harness and additional straps, is significantly lightweight, is easy to carry and is made with prime materials to boot.


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