Published: 4 May 2017 
   Last revised: 28 October 2017
Lone Wolf Hand Climber and Tree Stand

This product is a versatile tree stand and climber. It is very portable and only weighs 17.5 pounds. The stand is easy to haul and traveling around the forest is fast and the experience is more mobile. The product can be folded down to 5 inches and is made with an aluminum platform.

The entire product when collapsed measures 30 inches by 19.5 inches. The seat pad is contoured and comes with a bow holder that accommodates two limb bows. The portability of the product is added by the back straps that make it easy to carry.

This is a product that provides good visibility to users because the height of the stand is easy to adjust. The user has an easier time climbing up the tree and making a more stable position.

The Lone Wolf Hand Climber and Tree Stand is a product that will offer more leg room as well as a comfortable sitting position when the hunter is waiting for the game.

The stand comes with a bungee strap as a safety feature. The tree stand can be mounted on trees with a minimum diameter of 6 inches and a maximum diameter of 19 inches. The rating is 350 pounds and has a TMA-certified fall arrest system.


  • Product weight is 17.5 pounds
  • Has a padded seat that measures 30 in x 19.5 in
  • Weight rating is 350 pounds
  • Can accommodate two limb bows
  • Good to hold trees minimum of 9 inches in diameter
  • Entire product can be folded to 5 inches
  • Expanded size is 30 inches by 19.5 inches


This is a product that is very compact and easy to carry around when hunting. The tree stands when collapsed can be as small as 5 inches but expands to a length of 30 inches. The tree climber has a padded seat and a wide foot platform.

The product’s seat is padded for extra comfort and hassle-free to assemble and mount. This is a product that is made of aluminum and can be very easy to carry. The aluminum frame ensures that the product will last for a long time.

This is a product that can be mounted to trees with a minimum of 9 inches in diameter. For better visibility, the hunter can choose to go higher or lower and will adjust to the width of the tree. The product’s support straps are easily adjustable. The straps provide strong support to the seat and to the platform. The stand is better for users who hunt with bows than guns.

This is a product that is highly portable and can be easily brought to one place or to the other. This product is simple to assemble and does not come with many joints and screws that can potentially make noise. This is a product that can be brought in any kind of terrain and will not break or corrode.

The stand is best for hunters who want to change hunting positions often and can even be used by bird watchers. The product is quiet and will not cause unwanted disturbances in the forest. The seat adapts well to the size of the tree trunk and does not cause scratches on the bark.

This is a stand that is also good for hunters using a rifle and will gain a lot of stability on the platform. The bungee straps are provided to ensure that the user will be safe on the platform. The bungee rope can also be used to transport goods up and down the tree stand.


The product offers limited clearance for the legs. The upper portion of the seat tends to stoop. Climbing is a challenge with the product because the straps latch on too tightly on the tree trunk. The tree stand is harder to use as the hunter goes up because the straps are not easy to adjust.


This is a product that is durable and reliable when it comes to structure and mobility. The frame is made of aluminum and makes the product really light and portable. The seat is easy to move around and has back straps that make it easy to carry on the user’s back.

The Lone Wolf Hand Climber and Tree Stand has a padded seat with reinforcement that is strapped around the tree.

The product can be used on trees with a trunk diameter of 6 inches. It can also be used for large trees with a trunk as big as 19 inches. This is a strong stand that can carry users that weigh up to 350 pounds.

This is a product that will make visibility better as raising the stand is possible. However, the stand may not be easy to install and is difficult to mount. This is a product that can be used by archers or hunters with shotguns. However, there is limited space for the hunters’ legs and the legs can get strained after several hours.


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