Published: 4 May 2017 
   Last revised: 28 October 2017
Millennium Hang-on Tree Stands

The Millennium tree hang-on tree stand is a product that is designed to hang on a tree and aims to provide maximum comfort to users who spend long hours waiting for the game. The seat is slung tightly and has a footrest that is easy to install and mount.

The seat folds up and gives more room for a standing shot. The entire product is made of durable metal and has backpack straps for easier transportation.

The product weighs only 19 pounds and the platform is 24 inches in width. The hunter’s capacity is 300 pounds, which is good to use by heavy-weighted hunters. The foot rest is wide and gives the hunter enough space especially when standing up.

The Millennium Hang-on Tree Stand is easy to mount with the included chain and the entire product has a durable coat finish. The footrest is quiet and will not scare away deer.


  • Has a contoured sling seat
  • Has a seat that folds up
  • Footrest and seat are roomy
  • Comes with a backpack sling
  • Coated with good black finish
  • Includes mounting chain and 35-inch rope
  • Rope has carabiner and knots for easy climbing and dissension

The product comes complete with chains and a 35-inch rope that is useful for climbing and descending. The rope is knotted and has a carabiner for safety.


This is a product that is made of black-powdered metal. The product is lightweight and is easily transported with an attached backpack rope. The sling seat is easy to mount and assemble as well as sturdy. The seat will not bend or break and can carry a hunter as heavy as 300 pounds.

The product is safe to use and the foot stand is spacious for hunters to make a shot while standing up while the seat is folded up. The product is supported by a mounting chain and has a 35-inch rope that is useful when ascending and descending as well as bringing gear up and down.

This is a product that is safe to use because the materials of the product are top-quality and have a large carrying capacity. Even if the materials are lightweight, the chair is made durable and is strong.

The design of the seat is better than using a tree ladder that needs two people to set up and is extremely heavy. This is a seat that can be folded and transported anywhere.

Sitting for long hours is comfortable because the width of the seat is 20 inches. The hunter will not encounter any discomfort while on the seat and will be able to stay on the tree stand for the entire day. The seat also stays quiet and will not make unnecessary noises when the hunter changes positions.

The foot rest is wide enough for the hunter to stretch his legs and have a more comfortable time on the tree. Most tree stands are uncomfortable to use, creates pain on the lower back and legs.

This is a product that is easy to assemble. To set up, only two bolts are needed. The chains add support to the stand as it is mounted on the tree and adds grip to the tree as it is pulled higher up.

The black powder finish of the product makes it rust-resistant and will not tarnish. The product is great for hunters who stay under the tree even with the rain or extreme heat.


The chains of the product make it heavy and are hard to haul upwards. The chains have a tendency to bite too hard on the tree bark and scrape the exterior. The stand can be shaky and needs to be added reinforcement. Users will have a hard time lifting the seat upwards because the product is heavy.


This is a good and durable product that is meant to last for years. The product is made of steel that has a powdered coating, which makes it resistant to rust and corrosion.

When mounting the product, the chain and seat is assembled first with two bolts and makes the seat very sturdy. The product comes with backpack slings and is easy to carry because the product itself is light.

The portable feature of the product is a plus because it will be easier to move from one hunting spot to the other. The Millennium Hang-on Tree Stand comes with a rope that can be used as support as well as a tool to help the user get tools or food up to the seat.

However, the seat needs to be reinforced as it has a tendency to become unsteady. The seat is heavy and the chains add to the weight. The product is hard to haul upwards. The chain support of the product bites too hard on the bark and will make the seat scrape the bark of the tree. The seat should not be used by amateurs or hunting newbies.


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