Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand

Tree stands are a must for every hunter. They come in different kinds and for some hunters, the hang-on kind is the most convenient because it gives hunters the opportunity to assemble ahead of time, enter the woodlands, and climb up to the stand with the help of climbing sticks quickly without too much noise.

We’ll make choosing a hang-on stand easier for you by giving reviews about the products. First up is Millennium Treestands’ M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand. See whether this one will meet your needs.


  • Has V-Brace technology to reduce weight without sacrificing stability and sturdiness
  • Made with adjustable seat height ranging from 17 inches to 20 inches
  • Has 15 degrees of lean for tree angle modifications
  • Includes CamLock Receiver System which allows for several tree stand spots to be preset
  • Has comfortMAX seat
  • Has weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Platform measures 37-inch x 24 inch


There are reasons why plenty of hunters make use of a tree stand. It provides them a higher vantage point which translates to seeing a wider panoramic view of the woodlands.

It gives hunters the opportunity to give them lots of time to prepare a shot. Since the tree stand is placed above ground, the game will never assume there is danger up above them.

Hunters can move around easily as well with less noise compared to waiting on the ground. Trying out a variety of shooting positions and at the same time, staying comfortable, is possible using a tree stand. It is also safer to shoot game pointed down on the ground.

The Millennium M150 Monster Stand is a choice pick among hunters due to its assembly of excellent features which makes it distinctive among the bunch. One of its benefits is that it includes patented technology that gets rid of items like buckles, ropes or harnesses so hunters can remain upright.

This particular technology is called the CamLock Receiver System and it is a cinch to set up compared to other tree stands in the market.

To set up the M150, fasten the CamLock Receiver loop securely to the tree with a rope then pop in the bar. As soon as the receiver is secured to the tree, users have to set the M150 up then slip it over the bar to help fix it on the tree. Hunters can also mount a good number of receivers on a variety of trees for faster installation whenever they need to change areas.

Another great thing about the product is that it features a specific leveling setup to balance the platform and seat as soon as the M150 is set in place.

This makes for additional safety while standing on the platform and this particular design also makes it simpler to position the tree stand in awkward spots on a tree. This unit is suggested for hunters who always have problems setting up a stand.

Those features also contribute to the overall soundless attribute of the unit. Setting up will not alert game nearby which is excellent since you do not want to spook deer as you try to mount the tree stand.

Furthermore, the whole stand also includes a great chair. It has a particular feature called the ComfortMax seat which prioritizes ergonomics and is designed to provide comfort to the user so he can wait for the game in total ease for hours on end.

The seat can also be folded up so hunters will be able to get into a standing position for a shot whenever they have to. It is a versatile unit as well since the seat can be adjusted with regards to the height of the user.

The M150 promotes safety and it is made of aluminum with a powder-coated finish to make the whole stand sturdy and resistant to the harsh effects of the elements. It has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds so larger users can use this stand. In addition, it can accommodate your weight plus the gear you bring.


Hang-on stands like the M150 require a smoother surface in a tree so users have to cut down several more branches in order to secure a perch. Cutting branches, of course, will produce noise and it may take a while too. Furthermore, if you are into hunting before dawn or in the evenings, hand-on stands might be a challenge to use.


The Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On Tree Stand works well for a hang-on stand so if you are on the hunt for one, you can opt for this product.

But if you are the kind of hunter who likes to hunt before the crack of dawn or near dark, this might not bode well with your methods. It is better if you go for a model that will better suit your requirements.

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