Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber

If you are the kind of hunter who changes their hunting spots on a regular basis to look for game in deer-frequented areas, a climber or climbing tree stand is recommended. It is also a good tree stand for hunters who like to take advantage of good winds.

Climbers allow hunters to become more mobile and they also let hunters come nearer to deer. Climbers are the frequent choice of bowhunters. Distance and the direction of wind are important in bow hunting and the climber is designed to accommodate those factors.

Do you need more information about tree stands? Please read the rest of this Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber review and see whether a tree stand is up your alley.


  • Has quality steel construction
  • Has seat width of 21 inches
  • Weighs 29.9 pounds
  • Has weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Includes Comfort-Tech seating setup
  • Has mossy oak camouflage pad cover
  • Has pivoting arms, 2-side adjustments, and cable setup
  • Includes built-in footrest and gun rest
  • Can be folded flat for easier transport
  • Includes 4-point full body safety harness


Many hunters have yielded to the benefits of a tree stand like this one from the Ol Man company. Why are tree stands so important for most hunters? The stand provides them a wider range of visibility and it also allows them lots of time to prep before making a shot.

Deer and other game animals are usually wary of their surroundings and they can sense even moderate movements. Because you are situated way up on a stand, all you need to worry about is reducing the noise you make. You can move around without being detected by game easily.

Furthermore, you are situated further up so the shots you create are pointed at a downward angle. The bullet or the arrow will go straight to the ground. This is especially crucial when hunting near residential or farm areas. It reduces the risk of stray shots injuring or even killing other individuals.

The Ol Man Multi Vision Tree Climber has a versatile three-day design to complement the hunting style and technique of the hunter. It features the company’s classic design of a straight bar, a double-sided gun rest, and a foot rest to further take in hunters who either make use of gun or bows for hunting.

It has a sturdy steel structure with a non-glossy gray finish. It has a solid, durable feel and it is quite secure as well. When it comes to safety, this unit ranks high since it has thick, superb cables and it offers a strong grip on the tree it is latched on. You will never worry about falling down off of the stand as you keep watch.

It is also crucial to wear a safety harness when hunting with a tree stand. You should wear one all the time while hunting even if the Multi Vision Steel tree climber is solid and stable. The safety harness and the straps included in the package perform their duties well.

This is also a noiseless climbing tree stand which is always recommended for hunting so game will not get spooked by your presence. Since you are a good distance off of the ground, deer will not easily detect you. This leads to higher chances of capturing prey and a rewarding hunting experience.

Furthermore, the unit is easy to use and set up if you know the basics of working a tree stand. This makes it a good stand for beginners to try out.

The stand also includes enough room for users to sit, stand, and hunt in a variety of positions. It has a bigger platform and can accommodate up to 300 pounds of weight.

For most hunters, comfort is key in a winning shot. The Multi Vision Tree Climber comes with a comfortable mesh seat so users can endure the long wait. The chair can be slid backward to the direction of the tree thus it can provide access to the lower section and allow hunters good aim when gun or bow hunting.


It weighs 29 pounds so it is a bit heavy matched up against the competition. Due to its weight, it can be a bit bothersome to carry the item for a longer duration. But if you are okay with the weight, then this is a great stand and it’s worth the buy.


The Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber has a versatile three-way design, a bigger platform, plus a mesh seat that provides comfort. It has pretty much all of the factors a hunter needs in a highly-functional and effective climbing tree stand. Tree stands are a good investment for hunters so buying one like this product from Ol Man is worth the purchase.

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