Hunting can be inherently dangerous if not practiced correctly. Heading out into rugged terrain with loaded firearms can lead to trouble. Without being too dramatic, it is important to appreciate the nature of what we are doing here. Climbing tree stands is risky business. Climbing ladder stands is once again risky business. Using climbing tree stands or ladder stands while juggling firearms is even riskier business. Scary? Not really. We are going to hunt. It's in our blood. The only question that remains is what can we do to reduce the risk at hand?

Taking some form of communication device when hunting is fundamental in ensuring that we are safe.  Whether somebody has a mild sprain, feeling sick or just pretty much in a bad way, if you can call for help, then you will probably be alright.

The simplest form of communication is obviously a cell phone. They are everywhere these days. Unfortunately for us, wild game doesn't always live in areas with perfect cell phone reception.  If that is the case an EPIRB is your best bet. These things are a little pricey but they allow you to set off a beacon with the hit of one button. This beacon alerts a helicopter and you are safely on your way home. This action would probably end up costing you a fortune, so preferably you will be able to use your phone. Assuming that you can use your phone, you will want to be able to protect it from the rugged terrain and bad weather. This is where the hunting phone cases come in.

Below we have listed our best pickings of durable weather proof phone covers which are able to be fully submerged and sealed to snow, ice, dirt and dust.