Safety While Tree Stand Hunting

The basics on Safety while Tree Stand Hunting

Wondering about safety while Tree Stand Hunting? A lot of hunters often perform techniques and tactics to better hone and enhance their hunting skills. However, due to being focused solely on success, some may have overlooked safety measures just to acquire expected results. What are the keys to safe tree stand hunting? Hunters should know these factors and take them to heart in order not to put their lives on the line. Included in this article are some safety tips that will help you guarantee a safe return from each and every hunt you undertake.

1.  Take the time to examine tree stands before a purchase

Make sure that you inspect a tree stand first because some of them might not be safe. If you are interested in getting a stand made with steel or aluminum material, remember to check if all bolts and welds on the item are secured tightly anddo not have any signs of damage. If you would like to have one made from wood, check that item to make sure the boards that compose the stand are not rotten and all of the connection points are secured.

2.  Make use of a harness to lift your guns and other items

Hunters should leave their weapons and gear on the ground, climb up, then retrieve the items when they are safely positioned on the platform. It is not recommended that you climb the tree trunk with your weapons and gear in tow. Make use of a harness to lift your gun or bow up into the platform. You will deal with fewer items and your climb will be more stable.

3.  If you are using a gun or rifle, make sure that it is unloaded.

Be certain that the gun is unloaded prior to climbing up or down the tree stand. Doing this will lead to safer ascents and descents and minimal accidents.

4.  Wear an orange vest when hunting during firearms season

Hunting during firearms seasons is riskier compared to ordinary hunting days so make sure to double up on safety. Wear an orange vest to make yourself more noticeable.

5.  Make sure not to fall asleep on the platform

This is important for all hunters who use a tree stand. You have to be awake at all times. Many accidents happen because a hunter happened to fall asleep while on watch. You are dealing with higher heights so being awake is a necessity during the hunt.

6.  Read up on tree stand safety guidelines

It is always suggested that hunters should know about tree stand safety guidelines. These guidelines can be found on the Tree Stand Manufacturer Association webpage. TMA along with the NBEF or National Bowhunter Education Foundation created a tree stand safety video called Safe Treestand Hunting. Both organizations encourage hunters to be familiar with stand safety to decrease accidents that happen while hunting.

The Importance of a Safety Harness in Tree Stand Hunting

Another important key to remember is wearing a safety harness. The location of a tree stand usually ranges from 10 to 30 feet. That’s a lot of height for ordinary folks. By wearing a safety harness, your chances of injuries during a fall will be lessened. You will be kept alive through your ordeal. Safety harnesses come in a range of prices and it’s always important to note that you should wear one when hunting at all times. The majority of stands these days now include a free safety harness.

The Full Body Safety Harness or Fall Arrest System is employed to fasten the individual to a tree to reduce a fall should it take place. Because mishaps can come about when using a tree stand for hunting, the Full Body Safety Harness must always be worn when hunting from a hang-on tree stand, climbing tree stand or the ladder kind. It must be worn as well when utilizing steps and climbing sticks during a hunt.

Hunters should make use of a safety harness that is approved by the TMA. Wearing a chest harness or a single-strap belt is not advised. A safety harness that encompasses the wearer’s legs, shoulders and torso allows the individual to hang in an upright position.

Hunters must get used to the safety harness first and practice wearing one before a hunt. The safety harness must be worn not only when the hunter is already on the platform of the stand, but when ascending, descending, and moving about in the stand.

Hopefully, hunters will take all advice to heart before heading to the great outdoors.


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