Published: 4 May 2017 
Last revised: 28 October 2017

A lot of people are into hunting because it can be quite a challenging feat. It involves lots of skill and patience plus it provides hunters the chance to go outside, take in nature and just get away from the tension and stress of the rat race. Hunting gear and methods have undergone upgrades through the years and one of the most effective gears used in the pursuit these days is the tree stand.

The tree stand is a particular platform that hunters fasten to a tree to get off of the ground and take advantage of their visibility of the location. Working tree stands offer cover for the hunter and stops game from sensing the hunter’s scent. This article will focus on how to set up tree stands and their placement.

Setting Up an Effective Tree Stand

Proper Tree Stand Placement

One of the first things hunters should do for a good placement is to obtain an aerial map of the location they have to pursue game. This will provide them a great advantage since the map will provide the layout of the land better compared to just walking around.

Walking around the area for a check may spook game. Look for features on the map where deer can go to for food or bedding. If you spot a creek or a ridge, this is a nice spot for the tree stand since deer or game will most possibly run through those areas.

Once you have those spots covered, you can now walk to the property. You have ample information on where to find it so you can easily breeze through the land and further examine the creek or ridges. Walking through the area will also give you enough information if the deer are using said spots for bedding or food.

It is also important to take note of property lines so that you are not trespassing. It is recommended that your hunting should be ethical at all times and you must maintain a great relationship with other people in the area.

As soon as you have a good concept of the game’s activities, it’s time to select a few spots for the stand. The areas must not be difficult to access without alarming and scaring off thegame.

The spots should also be sufficiently near to harvest game. You can opt to set up other options apart from a tree stand like a box blind, ladder stand or ground blinds. But for further areas in the land, it is best that you use a tree stand since they are a breeze to set up and take down.

Next, you have to consider the direction of the wind. A stand location must have good wind so it will take away your scent and make you undetected from thegame. This is crucial since wind direction can tell deer and they will not go back to the area in case they know hunters are hanging around it.

Lastly, you have to guarantee that you can shoot in the areas where the game is going to be. It is essential that hunters exclude shooting lanes to the closest deer or game trails so that limbs will not obstruct your shots. It is also crucial not to cut too many tree limbs because it will be easier for the game to spot you.

Assembling the Tree Stand

You have picked the location and now these are the steps to set up tree stands. If you do not want to fiddle with lots of equipment, you can opt for ladder stands or climbing stands. You need your straps, ropes, safety harness, rifle, bow and a sturdy rope to lift your rifle or bow as soon as you are positioned in the stand.

For climbing stands, pick a tree that is fairly straight, is not too thick or slender, and does not have limbs lower than where you want to position yourself. Make sure that you use a safety harness when utilizing a climbing tree stand.

Ladder stands might look hefty but they are easy to assemble. They also include safety straps at frequent intervals down the length of the ladder. Make sure to bind the straps securely all over the tree trunk.

For permanent stands, you have to bring with you additional equipment. The majority of stationary stands make use of ropes, straps, and chains to hold secure to the trunk. You will also most likely make use of hammers and power drills to make a permanent tree stand.

To climb on a tree stand, you have to make use of tree ladders, climbing sticks or tree steps.

Climbing sticks are lengthy poles that feature horizontal footholds jutting out off of the side. Fasten the stick to a trunk by means of safety straps. Tree ladders look like regular ladders except they often include safety straps.

Tree steps meanwhile are tiny bars that jut out in a horizontal manner from the tree trunk to provide a foothold. Several tree steps include straps that they can fix all over the trunk while some have a sharp, looped end that they should fasten into the trunk.

You can either make use of an auger to produce a hole in the tree or make use of a cordless drill with a bark drill bit. But before drilling trees make sure to talk to the landowner or check area laws concerning it.

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