Welcome! If you’re here because you want to read our Sniper Deluxe Tree Stand Review then you’ve come to the right page. Firstly, this model is unique due to it’s high elevation (18 feet) – that’s high! It’s made of steel and provides plenty of room you AND a friend. This is a product that is good for a maximum of two people or for one person if you carry A LOT of hunting gear.

Secondly, it’s comfortable. The seat is 38 inches long with a diameter of 13 inches. The cushion is a good 1 inch thick – comfy! The shooting rail is padded and can be raised depending on the elevation that the hunter needs.

Lastly, it’s strong, stable and secure. It has 2 safety harnesses and a wide platform with a length of 37 inches. The harness includes sturdy fasteners. The Sniper Deluxe Tree Stand weighs 65 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 500 pounds. This seat has a hold on trees that have a minimum diameter of 9 inches.

Sniper Deluxe Tree Stand

Key features of the Sniper Deluxe Tree Stand 

  • High elevation of 18 feet
  • Standing and seating capacity is good for 2 people or 500 pounds
  • Vantage is superior
  • Constructed with solid metal
  • A wide padded seat
  • Comfortable foot space with 38-inch width
  • Comes with 2 safety harnesses

The Sniper Deluxe Tree Stand is quite reasonably priced for the superior quality of its materials and the length of time that is needed to use it. It’s built to serve the needs of hunters and understands hunting is not always a one person activity.


This product provides good height and a clear vantage point compared to other tree stands. It’s made with durable steel and can be used in extreme weather and heat without risk of rusting. The ladder is reinforced by a metal bridge and a ratchet strap is already provided. This is a product that has a good structure and will not bend or break. The support that it provides gives hunters peace of mind and can fully concentrate on hunting.

The ladder is great for people who like to bring a lot of gear during hunting expeditions. There is plenty of room on the platform for 2 people or one heavy-weighted person (AND a beer cooler obviously). It can take up to 500 pounds. The seat is 38 inches long with 1 inch thick foam.

It is a reasonably priced product, especially considering the elevation.


The large frame means the assembly really requires two people. The product only comes with one ratchet strap and users should add more to make it stable. The product is not for single person use but most users have a hard time fitting two full-sized adults on the stand. There will not be enough room for two big users and hunting gear. The steel frame rusts over time.


This is a good product with a large (but heavy) steel frame with decent elevation. This stand is great for two people or even one person with gear.

The stand is stable however you may need to add extra reinforcement not included in the set package. The Sniper Deluxe Tree Stand is a product that is meant to last for years. However, the frame will show signs of wear over time. This is a product that is great for groups and the set-up will be faster if a group put it together.


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