Published: 4 May 2017 
   Last revised: 28 October 2017
Summit Climbing Tree Stand

This product is a closed-front tree stand that is made of aluminum. The legs of the user are locked in with metal railings covered with foam. This reinforcement provides security and prevents the user from being knocked over from the seat. The Summit Climbing Tree Stand is extremely light and is made of aluminum, not steel.

The seat is padded and has a backrest. The item weighs 20 pounds and is easy to transport and move from one area to the other. The seat has a width of 18 inches which makes it really comfortable and will not cause discomfort even after hours of sitting down.

This is a product that is complete with a harness system and accessories for assembly. The platform is wide and has a width of 20 inches. This is a product that will enable hunting from a comfortable sitting position that will add stability and balance compared to hunting from a standing position. The seat and handrails are comfortable to hold and provides security to the user.


  • Climbing stand is made of aluminum
  • Seat has closed front
  • Seat and safety rails are padded
  • Product weighs 20 pounds
  • Carrying capacity is 300 pounds
  • Seat size has width of 18 inches
  • Platform size has width of 20 inches
  • Comes with accessories and harness

This is a product that is applicable for hunters who prefer to aim and shoot while sitting down. The platform provides stable footing and the seat is firm and sturdy.


The Summit tree stand is exceptional because it has a sound deadening technology that makes the mechanism quiet and stable even as it carries a user with a large weight.

The aluminum tubing makes it light and does not create sounds that might scare away animals. The seat and reinforcements are made with aluminum as well and protected with expandable foam and make it quiet and reduced in sound when the user moves and shifts.

This is a product that keeps both feet on the platform because of the added reinforcement, while the hunter aims and shoots from a sitting position. The seat is well-constructed and will not wobble while the user is sitting.

This is a product that has a big carrying capacity. A hunter with a large build will not have issues with the product’s capability to carry the user because this seat has a 300-pound capacity. This is a product that is good for use in extreme weather and will not rust or tarnish.

The aluminum structure is very solid and will not bend or break even when carrying a heavy load. This is a product that is built to last for years because the foam is extendable and will not split into pieces.

The stand has boot stirrups that let the user’s boots hold on the platform. These stirrups also let the user climb up easily. The joints of the stand are welded tight and the aluminum structure is reliable and will be able to carry a hunter for long hours. The stand is concealed well and will not be seen easily by animals. The stand will be great for use in the woods even at the extreme weather.

This is a product that will create comfort and safety to the hunter during hunting season and will give enough boost to keep the person as stable as possible. The hunter can increase or decrease visibility by easily adjusting the stand high or low.

The hunter gets maximum control of his hunting technique. The product is known to be used for a long time and the aluminum structure is virtually unbreakable. The product can be used for hunting while standing or sitting down.


There is wide criticism over tree stands and the hazard of using them. These products are deemed unsafe and should not be used with proper protection gear such as harnesses and ropes. The product’s reinforcements are good to keep the user stable but the downside is it keeps the legs and feet locked together and will be hard to disengage if an accident happens.


This is a product that is lightweight, easy to conceal and transport. The product is very sturdy and can be used over many years because its composition is sturdy and reliable. The aluminum frame is rust and corrosion-free and is concealed by an expandable foam.

The foam also conceals the sounds that are made by the stand. The seat and armrests are comfortable and make waiting more comfortable. The legs have enough space to move and aiming while standing up is not a problem.

The Summit Climbing Tree Stand comes complete with a safety harness and ratchet straps that make it stable while mounted on the tree. This is a stand that can be used with caution as tree stands are risky to use and can be great only if used with protective gear.


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