The Summit Viper SD Treestand is a top-quality tree stand equipped with the finest features and safety equipment. It is lightweight and easy to carry from location to location, thanks to the included backpack straps. With an aluminum frame, camouflage colors, adjustable seat height, ample space, and stable design, it is, perhaps, the best tree stand for any hunter who wants all the best features in one model.

This model comes with all the features you will find in other top models, and outmatches much of the competition in terms of mobility, comfort, noise elimination, safety features, and the material quality. This is a great tree stand to consider if you are a serious hunter who wants to have the best tree stand with all of the bells and whistles.

What are the Summit Viper SD Treestand saftey features?

Safety should be the top concern for any hunter who wishes to use a tree stand. The included straps tightly fasten the chair securely so that you won’t have to worry about falling, but in the event that you fall, the included four-point safety harness will catch you.

The stand is capable of reaching whatever height you desire, as long as you can safely climb and fasten the chair in place. There are included steel climbing cables and boot stirrups to assist with climbing so that you don’t have to rely on the strength of flimsy tree branches. In any case, this is an extremely safe tree stand to use which comes with written instructions and an instructional DVD so that first-time users and young hunters can learn how to use this product with the utmost care and safety.


This model matches up quite well when compared to its competition. It can safely latch on to trees ranging from 8”- 20” in diameter and has a strict weight capacity of 300 lbs.; since it has a lightweight aluminum design, it cannot support higher weights. If you need a higher weight capacity, you might consider purchasing a ladder stand instead.

One thing that some hunters might not like about this model is that it comes with steel climbing cables and stirrups to attach to your boots to assist with climbing, instead of a portable ladder. However, many hunters prefer this option, since it allows them to climb higher without being inhibited by the height of a ladder.

Summit Viper SD Treestand

Report Card

  • Safety—10/10
  • Durability—9.5/10
  • Material quality—8.5/10
  • Overall rating—9/10

What are the specs of the Summit Viper SD Treestand?

  • Product dimensions (W x L): 20” x 36”
  • Foam seat dimensions (W x L): 12” x 18”
  • Backrest dimensions (W x L): 12” x 20”
  • Platform dimensions (W x L): 20” x 28.75”
  • Seat frame dimensions (W x L): 19.75” x 26.5”
  • Tree size: 8”-20” diameter
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Product weight: 20 pounds
  • Sound deadening (SD) technology
  • Aluminum construction
  • Camo color design
  • Padded gun rest
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Included 4-point safety harness
  • Included backpack straps for easy transport
  • Also Included instructional/safety DVD and written Instructions
  • Two steel climbing cables

Special Features of the Summit Viper

There are plenty of features on this model which allow it to outshine its competition. For starters, the camouflage color design will help you blend in with the elements if you dress appropriately. The seat is made from comfortable foam and has an adjustable height and sound deadening (SD) technology to allow you to move around and shift your weight without alerting nearby animals. The padded gun rest doubles as a seat belt and a place to place your gun to rest your muscles while you are waiting around for your target.

This model also comes with two steel climbing cables to help you climb into position without a ladder. Also included are a pair of rapid-climb stirrups to attach to your boots for climbing. If you need more help climbing, a special climbing ladder can always be separately purchased if you need one. The design is very easily set up and packed away, and comes with backpack straps to help you carry it to your next destination.

What do customers say about the Summit Viper SD Treestand?

Very few tree stands have received excellent reviews that can match this model. The comfort is widely remarked as being unparalleled to other models, as well as the safety and durability of the model. The climbing sticks and boot stirrups are also very useful and typically not found on other models. If you purchase this model and don’t like it, you will be part of a very small minority.

There are several minor criticisms that people have about this model. Outside of being picky about the height that the model sits on your back when you are walking with it, people have stated that it can be a little noisy when it is used in cold weather. Additionally, the plastic knobs holding the gun rest can wear away quickly, so be careful when using them.


  • Lightweight camouflage design equipped with backpack straps for easy relocation
  • Very safe, secure, and comfortable thanks to the included straps and sound deadening (SD) technology
  • Including climbing sticks and stirrups make setup at heights a breeze compared to other models

Customer Report Card

  • Safety—10/10
  • Durability—10/10
  • Material quality—9.5/10
  • Overall rating—9.5/10


  • Can make noise in colder weather
  • Plastic knobs to hold the gun rest in place can wear away quickly

Summit Viper SD Treestand summary

If you have a budget that allows you to pay more, the Summit Viper SD Treestand will not let you down. Included in this model are backpack straps for easy transport, sound deadening (SD) technology, climbing sticks, and stirrups to assist with climbing, a camouflage color design, a padded gun rest, and a foam seat for extra comfort. Unlike some models, this tree stand comes with a 4-point safety harness, safety instructions (both written and DVD), and plenty of space to suit the average hunter. Due to its wide variety of features that are usually not found in a single model, this design is the best tree stand to consider for hunters who don’t mind the absence of a climbing ladder.

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