Published: 2 August 2017 
Last revised: 28 October 2017

If you are good at tree stand concealment, you remain invisible to your prey. However, this may not be the case. You make all the right adjustments to your tree stand. You wear army tights to blend with your environment. Then you see your prey arrive at your supposedly concealed position. It sees you and bolts away to safety. Something is not right. Obviously, you have not adequately concealed yourself and your kit.

Choose the right pattern

Designers have testing facilities to check the effects of tree stand concealment in all their patterns. Innovative features like reduced scent markers help in concealment. Patterns are set to imitate the natural surroundings found within a hunting zone. Your tree stand should blend naturally with the foliage in terms of color, design, size, and application.

The right pattern will allow you to remain invisible at all times of the day. With the sun behind you, concealing your position is easier; you’ll find a pattern that exploits this. Animals approaching your tree stand will see the sun in the background, but your tree stand will blend with the vegetation along the path and will be extremely difficult to detect. Choose a tree stand that makes less sound in the dark. Moving fixtures and hunting gear are padded and bound with rubberized straps that do not alert your prey with unwanted clicking sounds.

Choose the right position

Concealment is also about positioning yourself in the right place. If you opt for a tree stand that allows you to face the tree and position yourself in a standing position, then you have the trunk of the tree adding to the camouflage. With little movement and with the scent marker in place, tree stand concealment becomes easier. You may not be aware of a wild cat or deer approaching your tree stand, but by choosing the right position, you remain hidden behind the tree trunk.

Another way to camouflage is to position the tree stand among a cluster of trees. Use the trunks of several trees to conceal the tree stand. Find the most comfortable shooting position. For instance, the leaves of a saw-tooth oak or pine tree will effectively conceal equipment painted in similar colors.

Use Tree Stand Blinds

If your tree stand does not blend with its surroundings, it will be spotted. At times, the branches and leaves of the tree you chose for your tree stand may not hide it. Hide your tree stand with the help of tree stand blinds. Paint your old tree stand with the required colors to improve concealment effects. Use spray paint to create an array of blots in green, yellow, black, and brown to match the different kinds of branches, leaves, grasses, and weeds in your hunting zone. Use natural background colors for your tree stand. A DIY approach is always better, as you can always make changes until you are satisfied with the concealment effects.

Choose the right type of tree stand

Hunting zones vary from one place to another. The type of tree stand that you choose matters in increasing the overall tree stand concealment effects. If you need an elevated position on top of a maple or birch tree, camouflaging it with colors is not sufficient. You need to use a ladder stand that naturally blends with the tree trunk. You are in the ideal concealed position at a height of 20’ to 25’ above ground level. If the leaves do not provide adequate cover, use natural burlap or a tree stand blind, depending on your position.

Create a camouflaging effect by using a hunting outfit fitted with leaves as you’ll tend to become part of the surroundings. Zip ties are narrow enough to secure your hanging stand firmly to the tree trunk. It allows you to spend more time concealing your bulky hunting gear and other equipment. Use branches and leaves from the same tree to camouflage your tree stand. It may not be possible every time, but if you can, add to the camouflaging effect.

Find the safest high position

A high platform is difficult to spot, as it increases the distance between the hunter and the prey. Just as you try to hide from animals, they learn to spot danger in familiar hunting grounds. In other words, assembling your tree stand at a height of 10’ to 15’ above ground level may not be sufficient to create effective concealment effects. You need to move higher, at least 20’ to 25’ above ground level to stay out of the animal’s peripheral vision.

Find the highest position that allows you to take a killing shot. Your goal is to target your prey at an angle that is almost parallel to ground level. Compensate for the difficulty in getting a clear shot by using gauges to find your ideal shooting position. Ensure you have the best safety harness designed to increase safety over standard heights. In most cases, state regulations dictate the maximum allowed tree stand heights.

Choose a tree stand while keeping in mind these height restrictions. Carry just enough provisions for your trip and only the required equipment for your hunting trip. Tree stand concealment is difficult when you opt for unnecessary attachments that do not necessarily increase safety. You may compromise your stealth position without realizing it. The idea is to follow one technique and see if it works for you. Use materials found in your backyard or buy cheap kits. Consider hunting grounds closest to your home. Choose the best tree stand you can find, then spend time camouflaging it.


Follow these guidelines, and you will never be caught unaware on your next hunting trip. Obtain your essential hunting gear, including your tree stand first, then make additions to help conceal yourself in hunting situations. Practice different concealment techniques. Improvise by adding some of your own elements to match your hunting environment. With so many online outlets providing tree stand concealment kits, you’re likely to find a natural camouflaging pattern that suits your budget and overall hunting needs.

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